Question: What’S The Cheapest Contact Lens?

Is it OK to buy contact lenses online?

Response: Buying contact lenses online is perfectly safe as reputable retailers do not stock any products that would harm your eyes.

Eye infections and complications are more likely to be occur if you don’t care for your lenses properly..

How can you tell fake contacts?

How to Identify Counterfeit Contact LensesPackaging is a different color, contains misspellings, or foreign language characters.Contact lenses are larger or smaller than they should be.Contacts exhibit surface irregularities, bumps, uneven thicknesseses or uneven edges.More items…

Can you buy contacts on Amazon? contact lenses.

Is it cheaper to buy contact lenses online?

It’s typically cheaper than what your optical shop or eye doctor charges. Just be sure you get an eye test first! While you might not save hundreds of dollars when you buy contacts online the way you would buying glasses online, you’re still likely to find a good deal at an affordable price.

Are Lowest price contacts legit?

Overview. Lowest Price Contacts has a consumer rating of 4.7 stars from 14,628 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Lowest Price Contacts most frequently mention free shipping, customer service and great prices.

Why are contacts so expensive?

Basically, contact lenses are expensive because our money is going to places (and people) it shouldn’t. The contact lens market is dominated by big pharmaceutical companies.

Why are contacts so much cheaper online?

Contact lenses bought online will be cheaper because the process is much simpler and there are less business expenses. There’s no real estate, no staff to accommodate you, and no paying a medical professional for a considerable chunk of their valuable time.

Can I order contacts online if I know my prescription?

No, you cannot legally buy contact lenses in the United States without a current, valid prescription. Here’s why: The FDA (responsible for the safety of our food and drugs) categorizes contact lenses as prescription medical devices, not to be sold over-the-counter without a prescription.

How can I get free contacts?

Look for coupons and promotions. Some contact manufacturers will offer coupons online for free trial lenses. Once you have printed the coupon you can take it to an optometrist along with your prescription to receive free contact lenses. For example, Acuvue often gives out free trial lenses.

How much do contacts cost at Walmart?

A comprehensive eye health and vision exam is $79. A basic contact lens exam is $129. If you have astigmatism or need bifocal correction and want to wear contact lenses, there is a modest additional cost.

Who has the cheapest contact lenses online?

Keep in mind that prices and promotions are subject to change at any time.1 800 Contacts. You’ll find a wide variety of lenses available at 1 800 Contacts, and at affordable prices. … AC Lens. … Coastal. … Contact Lens King. … ContactsDirect. … Costco. … … Eyeconic.More items…•