Question: Where Is My Quick Heal Product Key?

What is Quick Heal remote device management?

Quick Heal introduces Quick Heal Remote Device Management (Quick Heal RDM), a web portal that allows you to control and manage your computing devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and mobiles remotely.

Usage of such devices is fast becoming an inevitable part of the computing system of every organization today..

Where do I find quick heal installation number?

You can find the Installation Number from the Activation Wizard in the following way:Open Quick Heal antivirus.On the dashboard, click the Register Now button.On the Registration Wizard, click Register Offline. The offline activation screen appears with the offline activation URL and Installation Number.

How do I check Quick Heal version?

Go to Start > All Programs > Quick Heal Antivirus > Quick Heal Antivirus. Note: The term ‘Quick Heal Antivirus’ signifies the particular product you have on your computer.Click on Help from the top-right corner of the dashboard, and select About.Check the Product Version of your Quick Heal copy.

How do I download Quick Heal setup?

Quick Heal Setup DownloaderClick the Download icon for the Quick Heal product that you would like to download.A pop-up appears. Click the Save button.Browse the desired folder to save the executable file and click the Save button.Open the folder where the executable is saved and double-click it.The Quick Heal Setup Downloader window opens.

How do I get a quick heal dealer code?

Visit Quick Heal’s off-line activation page –, and complete the registration form. After the registration is complete, a new key will be generated which you have to use to activate your product on your system that is not connected to the Internet.

How do I find my Quick Heal product key?

Product License KeyStart your Quick Heal product.On the main product window, look for the Help option.On top-right corner, click Help > About. … In the About window, look for the License Details.If you set a password during registration of your product, enter it to access the License Details page.

How can I activate Quick Heal Online?

Registering Quick Heal OnlineOn Quick Heal Dashboard, click on ‘Register Now’. … If Internet connection is found then user will be asked for a Product key.Enter a valid product key.Click ‘Next’.Enter the registration information.Click ‘Next’.Enter your personal details.Click Next.More items…

How do I update quick heal?

Quick Heal Offline Product UpdatesDownload the required updates for your Quick Heal product.Save the downloaded file on your system.Run the executable file.Click the ‘Update Now’ button in the window that appears.Click ‘Finish’

How do I get Quick Heal Total Security?

For this limit, refer the email confirming your purchase details or the product package. You can install Quick Heal Total Security Multi-Device on a mix and match of Windows, Mac, or Android devices. Validity of your license will start with the activation of product key on first device.