Quick Answer: Does Cervical Ectropion Cause Yellow Discharge?

What are the symptoms of cervical erosion?

Many women with cervical ectropion don’t have symptoms.

But some will have: Vaginal discharge, sometimes with streaks of blood.

Bleeding or spotting during or after sex (as long as 12 hours afterward).

What color is discharge with cervical cancer?

Most of the time, early cervical cancer has no symptoms. Symptoms that may occur include: Abnormal vaginal bleeding between periods, after intercourse, or after menopause. Vaginal discharge that does not stop, and may be pale, watery, pink, brown, bloody, or foul-smelling.

What does discharge on the cervix mean?

Cervical mucus is fluid or gel-like discharge from the cervix. Throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, the thickness and amount of cervical mucus changes. This is because of hormone levels fluctuating throughout your cycle. Hormones stimulate glands in the cervix to produce mucus.

Is cervical erosion serious?

Cervical ectropion is considered a benign condition, not a disease. Many women aren’t even aware they have it until it’s found during a routine examination. It’s not usually associated with serious health concerns. If you’re pregnant, it won’t harm your baby.

Can cervical ectropion cause smelly discharge?

Some women with cervical ectropion also experience a clear or yellowish vaginal discharge that has no odor. This discharge does not resemble pus, which would indicate an infection. Symptoms like postcoital bleeding could very well be something else, like cervicitis, cervical cancer, or cervical polyps.

How do you fix cervical ectropion?

Treating cervical ectropionThe first option uses an electric current (diathermy) to cauterise the top layer of the cervix. It is done under local anaesthetic. … The second option is called cryocautery. … The last option uses silver nitrate to cauterise the glandular cells.

How do you treat cervical erosion naturally?

Natural treatment optionsTraditional Chinese medicine: A 2014 study found that traditional Chinese medicinal treatments, including specific Chinese herbs, may be effective in the treatment of cervicitis. … Eating yogurt or taking probiotic supplements: Yogurt contains healthful bacteria called probiotics.More items…

Does cervical erosion cause discharge?

However, as soft cells bleed more easily and can produce more mucus than hard cells, cervical ectropion may cause discharge, or bleeding/pain during or after sex. It can also sometimes cause pain during or after cervical screening.

Can cervical erosion cause early labor?

Scientists think that damage to the cervix makes it easier for infections to travel to the womb, resulting in preterm labour. Our researchers have developed a new way to study how this happens, so that we can prevent premature birth and problems it causes.