Who Has Been Appointed As The New CEO Of Vodafone Idea In August 2019?

Who is the present owner of Vodafone?

Vodafone currently holds a 45.1% stake in the combined entity and Aditya Birla Group holds a 26% stake.

Kumar Mangalam Birla heads the merged company as the Chairman….Vodafone Idea.Vodafone Idea’s new brand identity ‘Vi’ in use since 7 September 2020TypePublicNumber of employees13,520 (2019)SubsidiariesYOU Broadband Limited16 more rows.

What went wrong with Vodafone idea merger?

The merger took a year to complete and was expected to provide more firepower against the other two players. However, subscribers left Vodafone-Idea in hordes. The company lost 14 million subscribers in the June quarter, taking the losses in the past year to about 115 million users.

Is Vodafone idea a penny stock?

How has Vodafone Idea managed to survive this purge? It has been a penny stock for the better part of the last one year. It has witnessed extreme volatility and the lot size has now reached a humongous 98,000 shares.

Is Vodafone in the US?

However, Vodafone said it wants to cater to its more than 400 multinational customers based in the United States and a further 500 Vodafone multinational customers that are based outside the United States but have a “strong U.S. presence.” …

What country is Vodafone from?

Newbury, United KingdomVodafone Group Plc/Place founded

How good is Vodafone coverage?

Network coverage In comparison, Vodafone covers 95% of the population for 4G and 96% for 3G. But it’s important to remember that if you want EE’s good coverage, you don’t necessarily need to take out a contract with EE. Several other big providers use the EE signal, including BT Mobile, Asda Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

Who is the CEO of Vodafone idea?

Ravinder Takkar (Aug 19, 2019–)Vodafone Idea/CEOVodafone Idea managing director and chief executive officer Ravinder Takkar will not be given any remuneration during his current tenure of three years, according to a proposal by the company.

Who is owner of Vodafone in India?

Vodafone Group PlcVodafone India/Parent organizationsVodafone India is a 100% subsidiary of Vodafone Group. It commenced operations in 1994 when its predecessor Hutchison Telecom acquired the cellular license for Mumbai. Brand Vodafone was launched in India in September 2007, after Vodafone Plc. acquired a majority stake in Hutchinson Essar in May 2007.

Will Vodafone Idea Bounce Back?

New Delhi: Telecom infrastructure company Bharti Infratel on Friday said it believes that Vodafone Idea will bounce back, and the entity “will be around” despite the stress faced by the operator on account of statutory dues.

Why is Vodafone idea in loss?

Vodafone Idea is losing subscribers to rivals as it trims coverage to cut costs and has so far failed to win better payment terms from the government on the money it owes. Net debt was 1.2 trillion rupees as of the quarter ended June. The company’s net worth has turned negative, it said in the statement.

Where is the headquarters of Vodafone?

Berkshire, United KingdomVodafone Group Plc/Headquarters

Is Vodafone going to be shut down?

It is unlikely that Vodafone Idea will shut down, as in the worst case scenario, they can move NCLT for a resolution.”

Is Vodafone in financial trouble?

Vodafone has revealed a mammoth £6.6bn annual loss and has cut shareholder dividends for the first time. The mobile phone giant slashed its payout by 40 per cent, dealing a blow to millions of investors, as it sought to reduce its mountain of debt.

Is Vodafone company is closing?

Both Airtel and Vodafone Idea face huge monetary burden due to AGR, but none of them has said they will close down operations. … Supreme Court’s order on Rs 1.47 lakh crore worth of AGR dues has triggered rumours about the alleged impending shutdown of two of India’s largest telecom companies Vodafone Idea and Airtel.

Is Vodafone an Indian company?

Vodafone is the Indian subsidiary of UK-based Vodafone Group plc and was a provider of telecommunications services in India with its operational head office in Mumbai.